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Each year, countless Texans are seriously injured due to the negligent actions of others. Whether a drunk driver or a defective product was the cause of your injury, an accident caused by someone’s recklessness can have a devastating impact, which is why we work with you from the beginning of the claims process to ensure your rights are protected.


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At J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys, we specialize in helping seriously injured victims and their families throughout McAllen and the State of Texas. We advocate on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for a diverse range of personal injury claims. Learn more about how our legal team can help you and the types of cases we handle by clicking on a practice area below:

Auto Accidents

A leading cause of serious injury and death in the United States, auto accidents caused by another’s negligence requires the skills of a personal injury attorney. From motorcycle accidents to car accidents, our team will work hard for your auto accident case to help you collect the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accidents

Negligent commercial truck drivers and trucking companies could potentially be liable for truck accidents caused by improper maintenance or driver fatigue. If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries in a commercial truck accident, our truck accident attorney can provide the legal guidance you need to achieve a favorable outcome.


You may have heard the term ‘ambulance chaser’ before. It refers to doctors, chiropractors, and even lawyers that solicit car accident victims in their most vulnerable moments.

Barratry is the illegal and unethical act of taking advantage of someone who has just suffered a personal injury. This happens frequently to victims of car accidents.

Personal Injury

Suffering a personal injury in an accident can change your life forever. Any injury caused by negligence or misconduct is categorized as a personal injury and victims are therefore entitled to pursue a claim to recover compensation for any damages they’ve suffered. If someone else’s negligence played a role in your accident, we can help.

Product Liability

Defective medical products, dangerous drugs and automotive or toy product recalls can all lead to serious injuries for unsuspecting consumers. Anyone harmed by a defective product should seek legal guidance immediately after being injured to determine eligibility for filing a product liability claim.

Premises Liability

Certain laws and regulations are enforced to ensure that property owners keep their premises safe and free of hazards. If a slip and fall accident caused by a property owners’ negligence leaves you or a loved one seriously injured, our premises liability attorney can help.

Wrongful Death

If you believe your loved one’s unexpected death occurred as a result of the careless, negligent or wrongful act of another, you and your family can recover compensation for your loss by filing a wrongful death claim. Our wrongful death attorney will work diligently to help you recover damages to cover funeral and medical expenses as well as pain and suffering issues.

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At J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys, we understand that an accident can change your family’s life forever, which is why we are committed to providing compassionate legal representation every step of the way. Schedule your free consultation today, or to determine your eligibility for compensation, contact our McAllen personal injury attorney at 956.630.6700.