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Don’t Wreck the Holidays

The fall holiday season can be a wonderful time for many of us; we get to enjoy the company of loved ones and indulge in delicious holiday cooking. However, get togethers often include alcoholic drinks, and a day of celebration can quickly turn into a moment of...

Multi-Car Accidents

Every 14 seconds a person is injured in a car wreck. One person dies because of a car wreck every 12 minutes.  The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that almost 6 million accidents occur per year, with nearly one-third of those being...

Tips for Driving During Autumn

Autumn is here and the new season means changes to the weather and road conditions.  While fall does bring many beautiful days with it, as well as respite from that terrible summer heat, there’s also an increase in hazards that arise because of the changes. It’s...

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